Don’t make me teach it!

There is one subject, though I think I know the material fairly well, I am absolutely terrified to teach: GRAMMAR.

It’s unreasonable. I know how to write grammatically correct sentences, I can identify mistakes and make suggestions, but I do… not… like… teaching it!

I typically teach it in the context of whatever we’re reading at the time, but I’m specifically thinking of those times when the grammar lessons are those stand-alone, let’s-talk-about-the-significance-of-commas lessons.

So I’m putting myself in the hands of the other teachers out there. What do you do to make grammar fun or interesting for your students to learn and for you to teach? I need some ideas because no matter how many “cool” illustrations they put in our grammar textbooks, I’m not excited.


2 thoughts on “Don’t make me teach it!

  1. Dana Huff says:

    I have some ideas for apostrophes and commas at the UbD Educators wiki: I also had a project once where I had students locate apostrophe errors out and about in their community — they tend to be everywhere — but I don’t think I gave them enough time.

  2. macdo says:

    Of course, my experience is in EFL teaching – but I used amongst other resources, The New First Aid in English. on amazon here. (Actually, that’s a new edition – my parents have a copy that I stole from them, but it’s about 20 years old – if not more).
    Of course, there’s also Eats, Shoots and Leaves if you’re worried about punctuation, although I don’t know how you’d use that in a classroom setting.

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