Not even on top of things…

I thought, “Sure, keep a blog. Talk about things that are going on.” Yeah, right.

I think I’ve had all of two minutes with my own thoughts since the school year began. It doesn’t take much to throw me off this year — new baby, semi-new teaching assignment, new responsibilities, etc. At least I feel a little prepared. At least this year I know what’s expected of me, I know what district tests are coming up, how to get a herd of 8th graders down to the gym for Picture Day, how to safely break up a fist fight in my classroom, etc.

This year’s students appear to be more well-behaved than last year’s group. I’m not sure if there are quite as many “actors” this year, though, which I know I will miss. Perhaps it’s just the first two weeks of school and everyone is still getting adjusted.

The one thing that has me excited for this year is the start of the school Podcast Club that I’m heading up. I think we’ve got a group of kids signed up that will make it a fun experience for the club members, listeners, and me.

Curriculum Night is tonight, so I should be spending this time getting my room and my presentation ready. Oh well… the blogging will have to wait for another day.


2 thoughts on “Not even on top of things…

  1. macdo says:

    I found that the first couple of weeks were easy – the kids were still awed by my leet Englsih skills and height (hey – who said that physical appearance wasn’t important ?)

    Of course, all that went south after that – but by that time, you’ve installed a routine in the classroom, and everybody knows what the rules are.

    Have fun!

  2. Mr. O'C says:

    I can relate to what your saying. I’ve got two little ones and a home and three classes of senior students to think about. Time for blogging is often not there, not to mention I try to keep a blog for my family (haven’t edited that one siced the summer).

    But if you have time I’d love to read about your podcasting club. Sounds like an interesting idea!


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