Consistency, consistency, consistency…

If realtors were selling weblogs, I think those would be the three most important things to remember about blogs: Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Revenge of the Right Brain from WIRED Magazine.

"Revenge of the Right Brain" from WIRED Magazine.

As it is, my blog is probably feeling a bit like the housing market right now.  It’s a little neglected, not seeing much action… but I only have myself to blame.  If you don’t write, no one’s going to read.  That being said, I’m going to pledge to myself one more time to keep this blog up-to-date and to post weekly, if not several times each week.

Coming up on my fourth year of teaching, there are going to be plenty of new challenges this year, but I’m also feeling more prepared than ever for the start of the school year.  This will be the first time I’ve taught the same grade/subject/materials for two consecutive years, so I’m already looking forward to taking what I did with the students last year and improving on it for this year.  I’ve already spent some time adapting lessons that failed miserably into some great projects or activities that would keep me engaged — and since I’m pretty picky about what I sit through, that’s saying something.

I’m also throwing myself into the presentation arena — hopefully — as I’m preparing a proposal for a breakout session I’d like to present at the next Illinois Computing Educators conference.  I’ve always learned so much from the conference in the last three years I’ve been attending — especially this last year’s workshop with Chris Lehmann — and I feel like it’s time to give back and present something that might inspire a new teacher coming to the ICE conference to try something different in their classroom.

My dashboard countdown widget says there are 23 more days left until the official start of the school year.  I’ve already hit that summer wall where “I don’t want to go back” has turned into one of my father’s favorite phrases: “Turn me loose, I’ll never be the same!” I’m there. I’m ready.  Bring on the students and let’s crack open those books, fire up those laptops, and watch those “brain wheels” turn.

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