Reviving the Dead Blog

This is the first August in nearly a decade that I’m not planning things for my students this year. I still work and teach in the same district, but I’ve switched roles to become the Instructional Technology Coach for the six schools in our area.

I guess I’ve been a tech coach in my free time for several years now, so it’s nice to finally transition into this as a full-time role. It looks like I’m not the only one. This last February — at the ICE Conference in St. Charles, IL — I must have met at least a dozen other people who are becoming first time tech coaches in their district. The common thread was also that there wasn’t necessarily a common thread among districts as to how to utilize these new tech coaches, which to my mind makes this a great time to be moving into the role. Each school district has unique needs and differing levels of familiarity with technology and the frameworks needed to use it effectively. Some districts are steeped in the SAMR model, while others are just beginning to hear about this “Sammer thing” and how it can help teachers think about the way they plan and work with their students.

To that end, I need to start documenting my first year as tech coach. I’ve always attempted this in the past with this blog as a teacher, but I’ve tended to have this fall by the wayside as the year ramps up. This year I feel as though I might have more time to devote to journaling about my days and weeks as the tech coach, so we’re going to revive this blog that had been long dead.

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