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Action-Adventure Games: Legend of Zelda

When I saw that one of the requirements for a quest in my 3D GameLab camp was to play an online version of Zelda, I started humming the music in my head.  I loved that game as a kid! Compared with some of the other games we’ve been exposed to — or reminded of — in 3DGL, I think Zelda would be a good game option for students who struggle with reading.  I picture a hierarchy of games for students based on their literacy of skills that starts with something like “Zelda,” progresses to “Peasant’s Quest,” and culminates in having the advanced students try their hand at “Zork.”

As “Zelda” is less text-based than the others, I could see using that with ESL students as a way of having them follow the story without having to rely completely on text.  Much like the others, it also requires some problem-solving and a need to follow along with the story to understand why Link is on this quest.  Students would have the opportunity to write about the journey and steps necessary to complete his quest, as well as make predictions regarding the story — or even go beyond the game and write their own sequel (even though there have been a multitude of them by now).

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