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MMORPGs and ARGs: Building Community

I don’t play MMORPGs.  With everything else going on, they just seem to suck up a lot of time that I could be spending with family, perfecting curriculum for my class, etc.  I see the merit in them and I understand why people do play them… they’re just not for me.  It seems like these types of games are created for the purpose of building a community of players and giving them a common purpose and goals.

I love the idea of the ARGs.  I have always loved a good mystery or puzzle, and this seems to take it to the next level.  I’m the one always looking for “easter eggs” in a movie, or finding the hidden content in the DVD extra features menu… this type of game is made for someone like me.  Granted, I can’t see myself getting in my car and driving to a GPS location to answer a payphone (like they did with the “I Love Bees” viral campaign), but I love the idea of this type of game and how it brings people together from the same region, while connecting them with other “players” across the world!

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No promises…

So let’s quit pretending I’m actually going to keep this updated. As busy as work(s) and life seem to get, I need to just blog when I can and not feel guilty when I look at this site and realize I haven’t been here in a year and a half.

Home page for 3D GameLab

I’ve started with the 3D GameLab Spring Teacher Camp hosted through Boise State, and I want to use this blog to post some of my reflections and share some of the great tools I’m learning about. I’m getting really excited about trying to blend the use of games into my curriculum, and 3DGL seems to have a lot of what I’ve been looking for in terms of its layout, structure, etc.

So stay tuned for more news from Teacher Camp!

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