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MMORPGs and ARGs: Building Community

I don’t play MMORPGs.  With everything else going on, they just seem to suck up a lot of time that I could be spending with family, perfecting curriculum for my class, etc.  I see the merit in them and I understand why people do play them… they’re just not for me.  It seems like these types of games are created for the purpose of building a community of players and giving them a common purpose and goals.

I love the idea of the ARGs.  I have always loved a good mystery or puzzle, and this seems to take it to the next level.  I’m the one always looking for “easter eggs” in a movie, or finding the hidden content in the DVD extra features menu… this type of game is made for someone like me.  Granted, I can’t see myself getting in my car and driving to a GPS location to answer a payphone (like they did with the “I Love Bees” viral campaign), but I love the idea of this type of game and how it brings people together from the same region, while connecting them with other “players” across the world!

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